The Rachel Hollis Appreciation Society

Man I'm tired. Not just normal tired but the kind where I'm constantly fighting the urge to totally withdraw from everything and offer only the bare minimum of interaction required. If I thought December was hard going, January has been relentless. Me trying to contain or channel my crazy is pretty much today's running theme.… Continue reading The Rachel Hollis Appreciation Society


The Lesser Spotted Compliment

Aaaaaaaand breathe. It was a tough old festive season but I've made it out the other side more or less intact! Is it too late for Happy New Year? Ok, well may you have a haggis filled Burns supper when it comes! If I was to score my first month of this project I think… Continue reading The Lesser Spotted Compliment

The Ethical Ambush

Christmas carols playing, a festive candle by Self Care Co. is lit and my house is a bombsite...aaahhh Christmas is truly upon us. No point in bothering to fight the mess tonight, instead I've filled my dram glass with a Baileys Iced Latte (the exception to my no caffeine after 6 rule) and I'm going… Continue reading The Ethical Ambush

The Longest Shower of My Life & Other Stories

Right week one is done, time to go through the check list. Practising Gratitude I’ve completed the weekly questions and the weekly challenge which was to write an email to the future that you will receive around the time that you complete the 6-Minute Diary (it suggested around 6 months). You are to describe where… Continue reading The Longest Shower of My Life & Other Stories

Never Do A Tango With An Eskimo!

It's finally here - time to officially kick off the master plan. I absolutely adore Christmas so the first weekend of December our tree and decorations go up, the fact that the 1st of December is a Saturday this year is a bonus - glitter strewn throughout our house for the whole month and there's… Continue reading Never Do A Tango With An Eskimo!

Make Mine A Triple Espresso…

It's been a busy year for us what with Ruby coming along, Ross starting a new job and Hamish starting nursery. Big changes all round coupled with sleepless nights have left us a bit burned out. I find myself moaning or complaining about stupid stuff that ultimately doesn't matter and prioritising cleaning up toast crumbs over taking part in… Continue reading Make Mine A Triple Espresso…